Stuart Whittaker – “Stu”

Manager, Berlin Workshop

What Stu did before Eventful?

His passion and skill in woodworking started in a sawmill in the north-west of England. Travelling to Canada, Australia and other countries around the world, he deepened his knowledge and gained new skills.

What does Stu do at Eventful?

Stu manages the workshop in Berlin and is available to be deployed for any type of event. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and network, he brings in new ideas and can also support construction sites with a whole crew from this same network.

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

"I'm a good fit for Eventful because I can realise all projects in my native language (English). Thanks to the large English customer base, I can confidently provide support in terms of both language and experience. My location in Berlin also gives me a lot of flexibility for my private life."