Events based on a recipe for success

As the name implies, Eventful Management offers the complete management or any part of the elements needed to make an event a success. The broad spectrum of services that we offer reflects the many years of experience possessed by all members of the team.

Having our own production facility, workshop and storage means that we are ideally placed to provide cost-effective scenic services, while our wide range of contacts means that we can efficiently source technical services, support and local labour.

Moreover, almost 25 years of experience of working in different countries, cities and individual event locations means that we can quickly call on personal experiences to make recommendations or offer advice on the conception, planning or construction of any event.

We also never lose sight of the need to listen to our clients and adhere to their budgetary requirements.

Stage and Secenic Services

Design, development and construction of high-quality scenery and staging is a key focus of our business.

We opened our scenic workshop in 2003 after recognising the need for something that we could not otherwise find locally; to enable us to provide the quality and expertise our customers were demanding. We now have over 900m² of workshop, production space and modern machinery dedicated to scenic construction as well as over 1000m² of local storage for re-usable elements.

As every theatre manager knows, the scene must be set perfectly. The stage and scenery must form a fitting backdrop to the messages that are conveyed.

That’s why we first listen very closely to what our clients have in mind – and then we design, develop and construct high-quality scenery and staging that exactly corresponds to their needs and desires.

Exhibition Stands

You’ll often hear us say “we don’t build exhibition stands” – but we can. We just don’t build normal exhibition stands. Ours are a work of art, designed with the customer and their market in focus to create something that stands out in an exhibition hall and brings new prospects to their business.

Display your products to their best effect with our custom-built stands that you’ll be proud to show your products in.

We provide showcases for products, and display services and staff to their best advantage. Our custom-built stands are specifically created to attract visitors, raise awareness and create interactive experiences – and all that in the time it takes to go from one end of the stand to the other.


We have our own in-house graphic production services for our events and the advertising industries and can digitally print on fabric to 3.2m wide as well as high-quality print and plot services for vinyl and other media.

Our laser CNC system can fabricate bespoke signage, engrave images and form shapes.
Almost all our event signage is produced in-house, and we even print our own branded clothing for on-site crew!

Special Builds and Furniture

The covid pandemic was a challenge for many companies in the event industries as public facing activities stopped overnight, but Eventful Management was able to adapt quickly to learn new skills which have created new opportunities for event and allied activities as the pandemic has subsided.

Using special design software we are able to design and create bespoke furniture, whether it be for shops, offices, for home or of course for events. The software provides 3D visualisation of our creations so the customer can see, adapt, and almost feel the end result before it is built, then the creation is transferred to plans and machine instructions for our master craftsmen to produce the finished item.

Whether it be a high-quality drinks trolley for a hotel (we made a series of these for a luxury international hotel chain), a set of bespoke shelves for the local pharmacy, or the custom furniture for an exhibition stand, we can do it all on our own premises.

Project Management

An event project manager plays a crucial role in planning and executing successful events. Our project management team work with our clients to turn an idea into reality and manage every aspect of the journey to get there, while keeping an eye that the budget remains on track.

No task is too small for or too large for our experienced team who themselves have learned their trade both from formal training and extensive experience. Managing projects within the scope of our ISO 9001 certification ensures that every aspect is documented and visible so we can quickly identify and highlight issues before they occur.

Our event project managers combine creativity with organisational skills to orchestrate memorable events that meet or exceed customer goals and client expectation

Equipment Rental

While we have our own stock of event equipment for local rental, when it is not practical, economically viable or environmentally sensible to take equipment from our central European base to the event location then strategic partnerships with selected specialist suppliers throughout Europe permit us access to the latest equipment at the best prices for our clients.

The immense range of high-technology equipment which we must draw on to run today’s events, whether simple or complex, all have one common factor – every piece must operate perfectly from the first day to the last yet it must also be cost-effective. That’s why we at Eventful Management have set up these partnerships with suppliers throughout Europe whom we know, trust and can speak to personally. We supply and manage our client events at the least cost and with the highest quality.

Venue Consulting and Support

With over 25 years in the business we have extensive experience of, and contact with, many major European venues and also many lesser-known ones. We can help you find the venue with that extra wow factor, whether cosmopolitan or off the beaten track, or select one based on a number of criteria – for example size or transport facilities – and, if you desire, handle all the reservation and administration details.
We can help you find the right location to make your event a success.

Local Labour

International knowhow and local experience saves on labour bills and guarantees trustworthy on-site staff.

Any event is only as good as the staff on site. But unless you know the region and the culture well, you might be faced with situations that are difficult to manage. Our international knowhow, local experience and well-proven contacts not only save you money on labour bills, but guarantees you trustworthy and accredited on-site support.

Eventful Management has direct contact to companies and crew in most countries and locations to provide you with crew for your event, for unload/load, installation and setup or operation of your event. We endeavour to always find local crew familiar in the English language, and can often help in urgent situations with only a few hours’ notice. We provide ourselves in our ability to find solutions to unexpected problems at a moments notice.