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Our headquarters near Munich is an ideal starting point for almost every event location in Europe. Our branch in Berlin also supports the northern and eastern parts of germany as well as scandinavia.



Producing events in our home town, the capital of Bavaria, is always something special, and it is always a pleasure to welcome customers and partners alike to share the Bavarian hospitality on offer in abundance.

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Barcelona, home to some of the world’s most esoteric architecture, is a very popular event location. Over the years we have done many events here from which a number especially stand out.

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Following succesful events in Lisbon & Berlin, a disused railway shed in Paris provided the location for the 2010 Wella international hairdressing awards. Jack Morton Worldwide again asked us to provide scenic services for the event. The main stage consisted of a 30m catwalk backed by a large front projection screen. In the middle of the screen was a revolving cube, built so each face fitted seamlessly into the main screen. In addition we built 4 "Trend Zones", which were individual display areas designed to emphasise a particular aspect of the Wella brand and a tastefully decorated VIP area.

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The Frankfurt Messe is a large-scale venue with a truly global clientele, and our efforts here been on a correspondingly large scale.

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Since the business began Berlin has been a very popular venue for international events, and for this reason we recently opened a local office there.

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This city of canals, commerce and culture was the location of a unique event for Dutch producer Norbet Wilmering. To celebrate the launch of logistic company TNT’s airfreight route to China, Norbert conceived an event to host TNT’s customers and staff at a dinner inside a 747 cargo plane. He contracted Eventful Management to manage and implement all the technical aspects of the event. In a little over two weeks we had organised a plan to allow the transformation of the inside of the plane into an elegant dinner venue complete with crystal chandeliers and the installation of a hydraulic lift to transport the audience up into the nose cone, all within a 24 hour period. A truly memorable occasion for all involved.

Amsterdam’s RAI exhibition centre provided the location for SIBOS 2010 for which we again contracted to supply scenic services. This was multinational production, coordinated between Jack Morton’s London & New York offices, our office in Munich and the venue in Amsterdam in combination with the customer, Swift. A plenary for audience of 3000, a seperate complete four sided auditorium, breakout rooms, numerous seminar rooms and various display stands all carried the distinctive event branding.

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The beautiful city of Vienna is only 4 hours drive from our offices in Munich, as regular visitors Eventful Management can easily and economically supply event services to this popular event location.

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