Well equipped and sustainably produced

Our production, warehousing and logistics facilities are centralised in one carefully chosen location. There are good reasons for this. Because in our business we have deadlines that cannot slip, we must have absolute control over, and confidence in, certain key elements of our operation.

One of these is our ability to have scenery, set and staging elements constructed under our direct supervision, since these are often individually designed for a particular event. Investment in state of the art equipment and the latest computer aided design, software, management and production equipment gives Eventful Management a competitive edge Attention to detail when implementing the creative wishes of our clients is paramount. This is why we’ve heavily invested in our own production facilities, with state-of-the-art machine tooling and experienced craftsmen and stage builders working under the direction of creative designers using the latest management solutions.

At the end of 2011 we moved to dedicated new premises, converted and adapted to our precise needs using knowledge and experiences from other workshops and we have grown up in. In addition to our administrative offices on-site we possess a total of 900m² (almost 10,000 sq. ft.) of workshop and 1,000m² (almost 11,000 sq. ft.) of warehousing space, storing to heights over 9m (30ft) and – important for fast turnaround and efficient loading – over 1,200m² (13,000 sq. ft.) of parking and trucking space.

Company History

Edwin Courts moved from UK to Germany in 1984 and discovered the events business working as a software consultant for an international computer company. While working alongside events around the world for that company he bumped into John Cullen, at that time working as a freelance event production manager, but with a technical background in London theatre. Some years later, in 1999 they came together again with a gem of an idea to provide professional event support to UK and US event agencies struggling with local suppliers in mainland Europe.

Eventful Management was born in 2000 and incorporated in the same year, predominantly to provide event project management services and supplier coordination using an established network in Europe. From a small office on the edge of Munich, via a rented garage where the first event to be assembled in Athens for a UK client was created, and then onto a Bavarian farmyard and workshop built in a cold potato store they moved to the current bespoke premises about 35km to the east of Munich in the wonderful Bavarian countryside in 2011.

These premises host modern event construction and production facilities, in-house print production and of course the administration space required to manage the projects that have descended on the company over the years. With a current permanent staff of almost 20 people Eventful Management has developed into an international resource called upon by agencies around the world to manage and stage their events and activities large and small for many prestige clients.

While John and Edwin still sit at the helm, they are proud that a young and experienced team have also emerged under their care to carry the business into an exciting future.


Our technical project teams have a wealth of experience in the complexities of designing, building and implementing the sophisticated technical aspects of production that modern events demand.

Their experiences have been acquired through advanced education and continuous training and honed by on-site experiences.

The tools in our toolbox include mechanical 3-dimensional design and visualisation, virtual prototyping, and complex CNC production techniques, at the same time optimising production for efficiency, without forgetting the important environmental aspects of minimal waste and material re-use. We have the abilities and the experience to get it right first time and every time, which is key for successful event experiences that may often never be repeated.

Warehousing and Logistics

Based 35km to the east of Munich in the Bavarian countryside, In addition to our administrative offices on-site we possess a total of 900m² (almost 10,000 sq. ft.) of workshop, 1,000m² (almost 11,000 sq. ft.) of warehousing space, storing to heights over 9m (30ft) and – important for fast turnaround and efficient loading – over 1,200m² (13,000 sq. ft.) of parking and trucking space.

Warehousing acts as a pre-store for our raw materials, an interim store for semi-constructed elements and of course long term storage for re-usable content. A in-house logistics team ensures that all stored content is documented and accessible.


We know we can’t do everything that our customers might ask for, so we’ve evolved close partnerships with people and companies to support us on our projects, often at a moment’s notice. To minimise environmental impact and support local industry we have nearby experienced partners complementing every aspect of our event business – metalworking, technical supply (AV, lighting, LED), electrical and electronic development, sub-contract construction, freelance labour.

These people have come to understand the dynamism and sometimes urgency of our business and the quality and professionalism our customers expect, so we know we can trust them to reflect the service we expect to provide and work with us as a team to succeed.


We take our corporate responsibilities to our staff, our customers and the global environment very seriously.

Based in the gloriously green Bavarian countryside there many advantages in not just having our own workshop and warehouse facilities and our location in the centre of Europe - advantages that are becoming increasingly important to our clients as they look at their environmental impact. Transporting items manufactured at the heart of Europe means that far less energy and mileage are required to get your show on the road and to its' location. Having our warehousing and production facilities side by side and reusing what we can saves costs and lowers our carbon footprint. We try to influence our customers to design for re-use, and help to demonstrate the cost savings they can often achieve.


For large projects, environmental responsibility begins well before the event begins as we reach out to local charitable or social projects to establish potential to re-use event elements locally to where the event actually takes place. Furniture, flooring, fabric coverings and many construction components are often distributed and re-purposed in the local area to schools, grassroots movements and social projects. We report waste management indicators back to our client that correspond to the international standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the CSRD guidelines.

Sometimes our waste can’t be reused, so we make sure it’s responsibly recycled. All wooden elements are separated and most wooden waste is returned to our suppliers for re-use in chipboard panels which are mainstay of our primary production. Wood that cannot be repurposed is sent to an ultra-modern power plant in the vicinity, where it is converted into heating energy. All other elements are sorted and sent to specialist recycling centres.

Eventful Management are fully accredited to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, the most recent version of the internationally recognised standard for the environmental management in businesses. The standard prescribes controls for those activities that have an effect on the environment and include the use of natural resources, handling and treatment of waste and energy consumption. Each year we review and update Sustainability, Environmental, Health & Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility and Waste Policies which continuously strive to improve our processes and procedures and learn from our past experiences.