Steffen Winkler

Event Carpenter

What did Steffen do before Eventful?

Steffen is another of our trained carpenters and worked in various carpentry workshops specialising in different areas, giving him a wide range of experience. Thanks to various training courses on topics such as the repair of wooden surfaces and the use of special machines, he is also our specialist in this area.

What does Steffen do at Eventful?

At Eventful, Steffen takes on all kinds of tasks, whether they are small and intricate or large and extensive. He is also present on the most diverse construction sites, supporting the construction but also thinking in a solution-orientated way.

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

"At Eventful, no two projects are the same. That's why the components and elements in the workshop are always different, which suits me very well. It's also a lot of fun with this team, whether in the workshop or on a construction site."