Stefan Luckhardt – “stelu”

Project Management and Construction

What did Stelu do before Eventful?

Growing up in the far north of Germany, Stefan first trained as an industrial mechanic. Along the way, he worked in event technology, which also brought him to Berlin, where he studied event technology and management, which he successfully completed in 2018 as a Master of Engineering. This also led to his friendship with Eddie, which was such a good fit that the two of them even shared a home. After graduating, Stefan worked as a design engineer at a major Berlin theatre and as a freelance project manager and designer.

What does Stelu do at Eventful?

Stefan joined Eventful in 2022 as a project manager and design engineer. He puts his knowledge and experience to optimum use in the company and is always quickly able to find solutions when problems arise or customers present difficult challenges

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

"The different projects always bring different and new challenges, and it never gets boring here. At Eventful, I have a good balance between being in the office and on-site production. The Europe-wide work locations always take me  to new and interesting places. I also really like Eventful's social and flexible attitude."