Sebastian Kempf – “Basti K”

Warehouse & Logistics Management

What did Basti do before Eventful?

Basti started his career with an apprenticeship as a zoo keeper at the beautiful Munich Zoo. Here he also specialised in feed logistics, which gave him his first experience in logistic management. After a short period in the German army, Basti worked as a freelance stand builder and logistician.

What does Basti do at Eventful?

Having already worked for Eventful on a freelance basis, he is now a permanent member of the Eventful team and is in charge of logistics. His extensive experience and photographic memory help him to load our trucks optimally and to quickly identify and retrieve anything from storage

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

"Despite the industry, Eventful is very flexible, which is great for me. It allows me to combine my job and my family in the best possible way. What's more, everyone at Eventful always sticks together and stands behind you. As a result, Eventful has almost become a second family."