Sebastian Dietlmeier – “Basti D”

Master Carpenter (Workshop Manager)

What did Basti do before Eventful?

Basti is a qualified master carpenter and built film sets as a freelancer directly after completing his training. The construction of catering trolleys and festivals were also part of his early career and he performs as a DJ in his spare time. After completing his master's qualification, he got to know Eventful working freelance on many early projects

What does Basti do at Eventful?

A workshop manager without a boss attitude Basti controls every process in the workshop but is also willing to lend a hand himself, no matter what there is to do. He supervises all work in our own CNC machining centre. Thanks to his extensive experience, he is always able to produce creative new solutions to component construction.

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

Basti gets straight to the point and answered this question spontaneously and directly with 7 words "Because I can be who I am here."