Edwin Courts Junior – “Eddie”

Project Management and Construction

What did Eddie do before Eventful?

Eddie practically grew up with Eventful and so his enthusiasm for events also grew with him. While still at school, he helped out and gained valuable industry experience at Eventful at an early stage. After leaving school, in order to deepen and expand his knowledge, Eddie studied Event Technology and Management in Berlin, and in 2017 graduated with a Master of Engineering, specialising in Event safety security and sustainability. His activities at Eventful before and during his studies enabled him  combine theory and practice at an early stage and build event experiences from  both an academic and practical base.

What does Eddie do at Eventful?

Eddie has been a full-time project manager since 2018 and took on the additional role of operations manager in 2021. No matter what the task, wherever help is needed, he is happy to lend a hand. As a result, Eddie has gained a strong respect and reputation with both fellow employees and customers alike. He is a principal point of contact for new customers from both German and English-speaking countries. Thanks to his perfect bilingualism, Eddie always manages to find the right words, the best approach, and a suitable joke to lighten every mood.

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

"Eventful is simply more than just a job for me. I grew up with this company and have spent a lot of time here. The company always gives me the opportunity to develop further and to improve myself. The whole atmosphere is very informal and we have a great team that contributes to this."