Birgit Vetter

Office Management and Purchasing

What did Birgit do before Eventful?

Birgit gained her experience in several different industries. She managed one of the largest studios of a fitness chain and gained experience in the event sector. Birgit then worked as a commercial manager and authorised signatory for a large internet provider. She also worked as the executive assistant for a concrete product manufacturer, where she supported the management team.

What does Birgit do at Eventful?

At Eventful, Birgit takes care of a wide range of tasks. She is responsible for purchasing, supplier coordination and general administration. When it comes to sending the team to a construction site, Birgit is the contact person for travel and hotel planning. She is also the company's QM officer and therefore plays a key role in the ISO certifications.

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

"Here I have the opportunity to combine my private life with my work. My three dogs, who are just one part of my "animal park", are always there to greet every visitor. Thanks to the many different tasks, it never gets boring and my animals never miss out."