Alena Hölting

Project Management

What did Alena do before Eventful?

Alena began with her experience  of events during her training as a hotel manageress. She studied hotel and tourism management and then further trained as an event manager, Following graudation Alena worked in the events department of a large Munich company and prior to moving to Eventful was a project manager for large events in a large Munich event agency

What does Alena do at Eventful?

Alena is a project administration manager at Eventful. Here she takes care of various projects, handling logistics and planning as well as arranging and coordinating the teams needed for each job.

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

"The many different projects and venues are simply exciting every time, which makes it a lot of fun. Everyone is supportive here and the team fits together really well. It's sometimes a crazy bunch, but that's what makes it special and that's how we always manage all the challenges together as a team."