Michael Dietrich – “Didi”

Event Carpenter

What did Didi do before Eventful?

Didi began his career trained as a gas and water fitter, but after 10 years he switched to the woodworking trade, firstly in the concert events sector, then in corporate event and exhibition construction, where over many years he gained valuable practical experience nationally and internationally, often working freelance with Eventful. In 2018 he joined us as a full-time employee

What does Didi do at Eventful?

Didi has become an important team member at Eventful, where we rely on his flexibility to take on any task, his conscientious preparation in the workshop and his attention to detail on-site. With event experience spanning over 25 years, and always a cheerful approach to every task he is given, Didi is respected by colleagues and customers alike.

Why does Eventful suit me and I suit Eventful?

"In Eventful, I have found a reliable partner with whom I can feel comfortable. The team always sticks together, and can be relied on  "without if’s and but’s"! To balance out the challenges of my work, I spend a lot of time in nature, whether cycling along the Isar or simply taking a walk in the English Garden in Munich. My passion for travel in Thailand is also kindly supported here."