Sebastian ("Basti") Dietlmeier

Master Carpenter

Like so many of our staff, Basti began working in a freelance capacity for Eventful Management more than 10 years ago, but since early 2017 has been a permanent member of our staff. His unrivalled skills in the art of woodworking, combined with his respected qualification as a master carpenter bring an inestimable quality to our work, and professional event solutions for our customers. Basti manages our workshop and takes personal responsibility for every element that the team produce. Over the last 5 years he has honed his skills on our CNC production system and other automated woodworking tools, giving us creative abilities in woodcraft second to none. Basti’s lively Bavarian background (in his spare time he is a DJ!) brings a unique nature and team synergy to our on-site work where he is respected by fellow workers and customers alike.

Contact summary:

Tel/DE (Munich): +49 (0)89 901 398 68
Tel/DE (Berlin): +49 (0)30 629 399 28

Tel/UK: +44 (0)207 0432 996
Tel/USA: +1 914-614-7637

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