Felix Weber

Trained Carpenter


A trained joiner and exhibition carpenter, Felix joined our workshop team late in 2019. Working with wood as both a hobby and a profession, Munich born Felix has worked throughout Europe for many years on many popular TV and films sets as well as museume installations, where has collected many talents perfect for our business from the experiences they have provided. Outside of his work Felix enjoys the air of the nearby mountains, motorcycling, walking and mountaineering. His openness with colleagues and customers alike as well as his unique sense of humour reinforce our teamwork and capabilities inside and outside of the workshop.


Contact summary:

Tel/DE (Munich): +49 (0)89 901 398 68
Tel/DE (Berlin): +49 (0)30 629 399 28

Email: enquiry@eventful-management.eu
Tel/UK: +44 (0)207 0432 996
Tel/USA: +1 914-614-7637

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