Eddie Courts

Event Technology and Construction


Edwin ("Eddie") Courts Junior has the events industry in his blood as a result of his parentage and has also decided to make it his career, beginning University in Berlin in March 2012 to study it as a vocation. Graduating first with a B.Eng in Event Technology in 2016 he continued his studies in Berlin for a Master of Engineering degree, which he gained with first class honours in 2018, having specialised in event emergency evacuation techniques. He continues to have further ambitions to attain international professional qualifications in the event industry. Since leaving German high-school and during long university vacation periods he capitalised on valuable first-hand experience with Eventful Management and gained the respect of both his peers and our customers with his hard work and vigilance, both on-site and in our office and workshop, developing new and innovative construction techniques and transferring industry developments learned during his studies. He was key in organising our transfer to new premises and the setup of the new workshop in the winter of 2011/2 where he gained useful experience in logistics and organisational management. Being perfectly bi-lingual is a major advantage in the German speaking countries we work in, especially when working with our many native English-speaking clients and partners, and his enthusiasm for international events shows no signs of waning.

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