The Team

Both front of house and behind the scenes, dedicated global teams contribute to the success of our projects throughout Europe. Led by a dedicated project manager, some of them you will meet on-site, some you will speak to on the phone, and some are working away in the background to support all our efforts, but common to them all is the goal of success in everything we do. In addition to these, and in common with the industry in which we work we use a wide range of freelance support, most of whom we have worked with regularly for many years and all of whom are valuable members of our extended family.

Always a competent team-member available to help

For Eventful Management to be successful across Europe it is important that all our team players have a detailed understanding and experience of the multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment they are called to work in, so wherever our customers come from, and wherever their projects lead us to, the company can be confident and proud that we can build a competent team to support and succeed in all their event requirements.

Below you will see a selection of our key players, along with their e-mail address if you wish to contact them directly. Click on a name or a picture to learn more detailed information on each individual.

Contact summary:

Tel/DE (Munich): +49 (0)89 901 398 68
Tel/DE (Berlin): +49 (0)30 629 399 28

Tel/UK: +44 (0)207 0432 996
Tel/USA: +1 914-614-7637

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