Our production, warehousing and logistics facilities are centralised in one carefully chosen location. There are good reasons for this. Because in our business we have deadlines that cannot slip, we must have absolute control over, and confidence in, certain key elements of our operation. One of these is our ability to have scenery, set and staging elements constructed under our supervision, since these are often individually designed for a particular event.

Investment in state of the art equipment and the latest computer aided design and production equipment gives Eventful Management a competitive edge

Attention to detail when implementing the creative wishes of our clients is paramount. This is why we’ve heavily invested in our own production facilities, with state-of-the-art machine tooling and experienced stage builders working under the direction of creative designers using the latest computer-aided design equipment.

At the end of 2011 we moved to dedicated new premises, converted and adapted to our precise needs using knowlege and experiences from other workshops we have grown up in. In addition to our administrative offices on-site we possess a total of 900m² (almost 10,000 sq. ft.) of workshop and warehousing space, storing to heights over 9m (30ft) and – important for fast turnaround and efficient loading – over 1,000m² (11,000 sq. ft.) of parking and trucking space.

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Tel/DE (Munich): +49 (0)89 901 398 68
Tel/DE (Berlin): +49 (0)30 629 399 28

Email: enquiry@eventful-management.eu
Tel/UK: +44 (0)207 0432 996
Tel/USA: +1 914-614-7637

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